Yannis Zafeiriou

Josh Allen Goldman

The creative team of Yannis Zafeiriou (he/him/his) and Josh Allen Goldman (he/him/his) focuses on crafting emotionally striking stories within inclusive, queer and underrepresented narratives. Often utilizing unconventional storytelling, new and emerging technologies, as well as a bold visual language, our work aims to create conversation starters and to intellectually engage audiences, not merely entertain them. True to our name, we absolutely love underdogs, black sheep, rebels, and lovable losers.

Our fictional characters –as well as our creative collaborators– are diverse, socially-vocal individuals who push audiences to examine their own privilege and inspire them to make a difference in the world. Our storytelling embraces social commentary within various genres –Science Fiction, Horror, Absurdist Comedy, and the Supernatural– while our prominent LGBTQ+ and minority characters proudly traverse the margins of society or bravely carve out their own space at the centre of the mainstream. Get in touch to learn more about Flying Penguin Productions.

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